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Multiple clients.


Brand identidy and logo design.


Good understanding of the client and the product or service is the essential to start the design process. Not only for the branding projects but all other type of projects as well.
A good research and knowledge about the client, it's market and competition builds the foundations, already on the start of the design process. It also helps to ensure that expectations and goals set are more likely to be met as expected.
Then we can analyze the content received and set the core values and tone suitable for the nature of the brand’s product or service and it's market.
Now we can start with the ideation and sketching out the first logo drafts. We continue refining the drafts through couple of iterations and then bring in color and typography to unify.
We finish with a set of guidelines for the brand’s visual language, or some cases, only for the logo.
This is a quite simplified overview of a deep and usually time consuming process.

Final thoughts

Every company has it's own story, purpose and values unique to itself. As well as every individual.
Usually the name alone does not help to deliver the message, nor to get valuable clients or to be felt as a trustworthy and professional solution.
Good brand identity can help to improve that. Strong and consistent one, even more.
Would be wrong to assume that brand identity is only the aesthetics, though the first impact is the most memorable one. It is more about the core message, its tone and the way it is communicated.
Therefore the brands visual identity would be better to be seen as a guide, with a proper toolset that helps the company to pass on the core message.
Building that toolset begins with the concept of the logo and is unified with the correct choices for color, typography, graphics, icons, imagery, patterns, etc.
Brand’s visual language plays and essential role. It should be used to reflect and complement the company’s core message!

  • image of project Branding visual sample, nr 1
  • image of project Branding visual sample, nr 2
  • image of project Branding visual sample, nr 3
  • image of project Branding visual sample, nr 4
  • image of project Branding visual sample, nr 5
  • image of project Branding visual sample, nr 6
  • image of project Branding visual sample, nr 7