Terviseinfo Heaoluprofiil (TAI)

Raigo Lilleberg (Kreit)

UI Design, UX Strategy, Information Architecture, User Flow & Front-End Development


Sven Süld (Brainart)

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The National Institute for Health Development is an Estonian government established research and development body collecting, connecting and providing reliable national information from a multitude of sources, related to the health of the Estonian population.


Website design that has mostly statistical, informative and descriptive content with some functionalities for reporting and generating profiles.


Brainart is a development and programming company specialized on web-based software and service solutions.


Approached with the task to re-think the site’s current content structure and usability strategy, and to design a new one that also communicates the content more clearly.
Main target group was client’s (Estonian National Institute for Health Development) own specialists.
The task provided quite a challenge as it was about converting current workflow from excel sheets to a digital environment. With an incomplete plan to execute during and tight deadline, it set quite clear limitations for the scope and pace of the project.
We started with mapping, grouping and prioritizing the content. That helped us to dig even deeper to possible use cases, users, and how to simplify the the overall usability.
We then sketched out several content structure and layout ideas and moved quickly to static, high fidelity visuals.
Dense content made us think about creating a secondary navigation for the site. We eventually decided to provide the secondary navigation as a guide for the user who’s maintaining the welfare profile so the process would feel as one flow rather than separate parts.
Content density also dictated the choice for typography (Roboto for small text and PT Sans for the rest) and minimal, clear color balance choices.

Final thoughts

Though we had some pushbacks that made us re-plan parts of the project, the final version was completed mostly according to the initial plans.

  • image of project Terviseinfo Heaoluprofiil (TAI) visual sample, nr 1
  • image of project Terviseinfo Heaoluprofiil (TAI) visual sample, nr 2
  • image of project Terviseinfo Heaoluprofiil (TAI) visual sample, nr 3